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The LavaFly team has 20+ years of flying experience with the absolute priority for safety and excitement.  Each unique adventure is safe until the last second. The equipment of the pilot is always up to date and checked at verifiable intervals, similar to the TÜV of a motor vehicle. 

Once you have arrived at the starting point we will begin our detailed preparation. Once safety points and weather conditions are approved and the flight is classified as “safe” by the pilot, it is only a few steps to the ultimate adventure of the skies. 

We typically take off into the wind of the Canary Islands, just a few steps together at the launch site and we gracefully fly like a bird.

*Please understand that delays can occur if the weather conditions are not suitable 

Is there an age limit? 

We take children from the age of 5 with us. There are no greater age limits!

The weight range is between 25-115 kg (55-253 lbs)

Are there any health restrictions?

You must inform us at the time of registration and prior to flight whether you have any health restrictions or complaints. We must be made aware of pregnancy, old injuries (fractures, prostheses) and hearing impairments. In this way, the pilot can adjust the take-off (or jump-start by a third party if necessary) and the landing.

What do I have to wear when flying? Please bring sturdy shoes and warm clothes. If the local temperatures fill up well for you, we will simply pack your clothes comfortably.