Tandem Paragliding Lanzarote

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Lava Fly Tandem Paragliding Lanzarote

Black lava mountains and white villages, lush vegetation and wide Atlantic
beaches - Lanzarote's diversity is already impressive from Earth. From the air,
however, it becomes an experience. The Canary Island offers optimal
conditions for a tandem flight.
Experience your unforgettable tandem flight with Lava Fly. In the laminar sea
wind at the coasts of Lanzarote we will show you the lava island from above.
A special highlight are flights to the almost 600 meter high cliffs of the 15 km
long Riscos de Famara. On some days it is even possible to fly over to the
neighbouring island La Graciosa.
Also for all other wind directions there are impressively beautiful flight areas on
Lanzarote. Places like Orzola are always worth a visit. After an unforgettable
tandem flight at the Mirador del Rio, the northernmost flight area on Lanzarote,
we can land relaxed at the beach and afterwards dive into a soft blue.
The LavaFly team can look back on over 20 years of flying experience.
The team consists of state-certified tandem pilots and flight instructors whose
passion is to give people a new and breathtaking perspective.
If you have always dreamed of such an adventure, or would like to give a gift to
someone close to you, we will do everything we can to make it an
unforgettable experience.
All you need to do is send us a message via email, write to WhatsApp, fill out
the registration form on our homepage, or just call us.
We'll find the best possible date for you, meet at the agreed meeting point and
then it's just a few steps into your adventure.


General Tandem Paragliding Questions

Weight limit for a tandem passenger is approximately 200-220 pounds for women and 230-250 pounds for men. There is typically no minimum weight, only a minimum age (18 years old ).

The ability for a child to jump is determined by their age (over 5 years), weight, size and how the harness fits. The minimum weight is 30kg and all passengers must be big enough to fit safely into the harness.

Our Maximum weight limit for AFF students is 240lbs (109kg). If you are over 70 years of age, then please consult with us first about your ability to make a skydive.

Skydiving takes about 5-7 minutes from jump to landing, plus 20 minutes or so in the airplane beforehand. It may not sound like a long time, but with so many new sensations happening throughout, your body will go into superhero mode.


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